Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week One!

So I've been in Cape Town for officially a week...and what a long week it has been. I moved into my house and its beautiful. I have seven other roommates , 4 girls 4 guys, two of my roommates are from Canada, one from Norway, one from Denmark, and all the girls are from the states. You can say that the boys are a bit more diverse than us girls and my roommates from Norway and Denmark drink  like champs ( guess its a european thing) .  I haven't had a case of homesickness yet but I'm definitely missing my luxuries like fast Internet ,  T.V. (we only get four channels) and MY CAR; I'm definitely going to be in shape once I leave here cause we have to walk every where. But the city is beautiful and the people are extremely nice, sometimes too nice, if that's at all possible; always a smile when someone greets you and they make sure you are accommodated.

I love how the US dollar goes so much further here; 7 Rand ( South African currency) is equal to $1 ; Taxi's are about .50 cents , gas is only $1.10 ( If I could bring some gas home I would!!!) , and a train rides are about $2 and it takes you any where you want to go. I think thats why Oprah owns a house here , you can live like a king or queen for little to nothing....
Tomorrow is my first day of class and I'm actually looking forward to it , even though I wouldn't say the same if I was back home getting ready for my first day of class at UNCG. I hope I'm not to overwhelmed though , with a campus of 25,000 students its not going to be to hard to get lost in translation and I don't want to be "that kid" with the map in her hand.

Keep sending Prayers and Love.

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