Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week two: School dayssss

We started class this past week, lets just say the whole week was a blur. And yes, I was "one" of those kids on campus that asked everyone where my classes were. But, the students were really nice and pointed me in the right direction after asking "Are you a foreign exchange student?" , I was use to the drill after about the fifth person. I'm taking three classes, and i'm one of the few people that has a pretty decent schedule, no classes monday or wednesday, lucky me. : ) All of my lectures are pretty big any where from 100-200 people. I'm taking a class called Africa : Race , Class, Religion; only two classes in and I love it. Race is still a very touchy subject here, especially in Cape Town, since the aparthied was only about 16 years ago. But, if you walked around UCT (my school) you wouldn't even think the aparthied touched the campus because it's so diverse. I'm still getting use to that fact that i'm not considered black, i'm "Coloured"- term they use for people of a lighter complexin. Another, African Danceeee, our first class we danced for almost two hours but I enjoyed every single minute. I always felt like I had to left feet, but I kept up. My teacher is great, I feel like he's definitely going to leave an impression on me; He's so passionate about what he does. And, he actually taught at A&T for a short time, he said he loved it there, being that they have no HBCU's and he could sense "strong black pride & unity on a college campus".
This weekend I went to Kalk bay. Beautiful , beautiful place. Caught the train for free to the coast. I heard so much about how good the seafood is here , so I had to see for myself. Luckily the weather was nice and the dock was buzzing with people. When the fishermen come back from being away at sea you can actually buy the fish right off the boat, I bought six big pieces of black brim, get this.... for three dollars. I fried two today, turned out soooo good!

Nightlife here is great.  My South African friends took me into the city for a night out. I felt like I was riding down Ocean Blvd. in Miami... luxury cars every where you turned, champagne bottles, and good music (didn't tell my parents this part hehe.)

Learning and exploring everyday....Miss you guys!

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