Thursday, August 11, 2011

Womens Day ; Mens Day?

So it's been a few days...Today is my first day back to class from an extra long five day week. Thanks to South Africa and their many holidays we had a couple days off. Tuesday, August 9th was Womens Day, and in the words of my roommate "You know your not in America any more when the entire country takes a day off to celebrate Women". On that day my fellow female roommates and I took full advantage of "our day" :). We spent the day at the Bay, ate at this Cuban restaurant by the ocean (The first Mojito served in South Africa was in 2000), got Italian ice cream, and just strolled on the strip. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. But the funny thing is while I was suppose to spend this day reflecting on how great women are , which we are, I thought about the men of Cape Town; Since I've been here (one month on Friday) I've noticed that the men in South Africa have not lost their since of chivalry, that I feel is quickly fading in America. For example, If we go out they pay for everything ,even if we request to, they offer the you the last seat on the train even if you do want to stand, let you go ahead of them to get on the bus even though they have been standing there longer, and my favorite, open and close the car do for you ( name a taxi driver in the states that does that). Not saying that men in America don't do this, but I've observed these small gestures being done here more often than not.  I could get use to this.

Side Note: While I'm not spending my time doing homework or going to BBQ's I find myself spending hours on , my roommate introduced me to this website; So if you're ever bored and need something to do this could help. Check it out!

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